Wikimedia UK is a charity client with a commitment to transparent governance arrangements, and they are a beacon of good practice in this area.

I thought readers might be interested in seeing the two governance audits I carried out for Wikimedia UK; the most recent one being published at the end of November last year.

In particular, in a section of the audit comparing WMUK with similar UK charities, I concluded that:

“for the stage that Wikimedia is in its lifecycle it compares well with similar UK charities. Its transparency about its procedures is a beacon of best practice, and its conflicts of interest procedures are robust and well-tested”.(para 42)

That report (the second Chapman review) is a follow-up independent audit of the progress that Wikimedia UK has made to improve its governance since January 2013. It comes 18 months after completion of an initial 2013 governance review carried out by Compass Partnership (the Hudson review) and nine months after my first follow-up audit (the first Chapman review) which covered progress in addressing the initial review’s recommendations.

More information about Rosie’s audits for Wikimedia UK can be found here.

January 5th, 2015

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