The Charity Governance Code Steering Group has submitted a brief response to the Government’s Civil Society Strategy consultation.

This is an extract from our response:

“The Group welcomes the Government’s consultation on its civil society strategy and support its aspiration to make sure that civil society is at the heart of efforts to create a better and fairer society.

Good governance in charities is fundamental to their success. It enables and supports a charity’s compliance with the law and relevant regulations. It also promotes a culture where everything works towards fulfilling the charity’s vision. Good governance is vital to efforts to preserve and strengthen the best of civil society and to increase the impact of it. Without good governance civil society will never be able to fully deliver the positive change desired by those working in it, in partnership with it, or in some way benefiting from it. Strengthening civil society must be done in tandem with strengthening civil society governance. The Steering Group believe the Charity Governance Code is an important tool in enabling the sector to be stronger…

…If those charities and not-for-profit organisations underpinning civil society are to succeed in their collective mission to enrich society and the lives of people and planet, their underlying governance arrangements need to be given more support: from government, funders, donors, trustees, volunteers, staff, and the public.

The Steering Group therefore urge the final Civil Society Strategy to include firm commitments to support the continuous improvement of the sector’s governance by:

  • Consistently extolling the benefits of good governance and the need for resources to be spent on achieving it. Helping to educate the wider public, trustees and funders that using charitable funds to improve governance is an appropriate use of resources, and indeed is imperative for the sector to be successful, accountable and sustainable. This would improve and maintain public confidence in the way civil society organisations are run;
  • Ensuring government funding to the sector as a whole, and individual organisations, includes recognition of the need to cover the full costs of delivering services and other charitable activities, including the costs associated with embedding good governance, such as trustee and board development and evaluation;
  • Encouraging the sector to adopt the Charity Governance Code and committing to support its ongoing development and legacy in building a strong, vibrant and safe civil society.

The Steering Group would be happy to talk further about how to make these aspirations a reality, for the benefit of a vibrant civil society.”

May 22nd, 2018

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