JRF and JRHT are unincorporated charities governed respectively by a Deed of Foundation coupled with an Act of Parliament and a Charity Commission Scheme.  JRF and JRHT have trustee bodies which contain the same trustees.

Because of their history and origins, JRF and JRHT have a unique relationship to each other, and a complementary range of activities.  JRF is an endowed foundation funding a UK-wide research and development programme.  JRHT is a registered housing association and provider of care services managing around 2,500 homes.

JRF commissioned Rosie an in-depth review of its governance arrangements, including the relationship with JRHT, accompanied by a small number of in-depth interviews to test out the review’s findings. The report provided an assessment of existing arrangements alongside a number of recommendations for how JRF might further enhance its governance.

“Rosie provided a confident, expert and insightful assessment of our governance systems. Her report to our board has given us robust assurance where our systems are good but more importantly identified some key areas of improvement.” 

Shaun Rafferty, Director of Central Services, JRF.