NCVO set up an Inquiry into charity senior executive pay in autumn 2013 to:

  • Explore the arguments about what are appropriate levels of pay for charity senior executives and how these levels should be arrived at
  • Explore the relationship between salary; levels and public trust and confidence in the sector as a whole
  • Produce definitive guidelines for charity trustees, informed by a broad debate on the issues involved, to take into account when setting salaries.

Rosie was appointed Secretary to the Inquiry, and, in the words of the Inquiry chair, ‘did much of the heavy lifting’ in bringing the Panel together and in writing the report  Rosie has spoken at various subsequent events since the report was published. It continues to attract media coverage and its recommendations, albeit slowly, continue to gain traction amongst larger charities.

The Inquiry published its report in April 2014 and it can be found here.

“…the indefatigable Rosie Chapman who did the ‘heavy lifting’ that shaped this report.”

Martyn Lewis CBE, Chair of the Inquiry in his introduction to the report.