Governance review for Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

JRHT is a charity which provides housing, care homes, retirement and supported housing; and demonstrates new approaches in these areas.  It is a registered provider, regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency; and its care schemes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

After successfully completion of a governance review for JRF Rosie was commissioned to review JRHT’s governance arrangements. The brief for the review was to:

  • Assess how well governed JRHT is, as measured against existing best practice (including the NHF Code) and the Homes and Communities Agency’s Regulatory Standards for registered providers; and
  • Consider how JRHT’s governance arrangements play out at trustee, board, committee and executive level.

Rosie very quickly got her head round the governance structure and through face-to-face interviews, with Board members and the executive, was able to probe for our strengths and weaknesses and present a concise and incisive set of recommendations which have improved our overall governance.”

John Hocking, Executive Director, JRHT

The methodology included a document review, board observation and structured interviews with Board members and senior staff. The subsequent report was positively received by the Board and most of its recommendations adopted.