The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) is the UK wide support organisation for grant-making trusts and foundations of all types. ACF wanted to develop the training it provided to the trustees of grants and foundations.

Working with ACF’s chief executive Rosie designed and presented a seminar which provided a tailored overview of trustee roles and responsibilities within the context of trusts and foundations. The seminar included a discussion of current compliance and governance issues affecting them. It also:

  •  Explored the similarities and differences between the governance of trusts and foundations, and that of the wider charity sector
  • Discussed trustee roles and responsibilities, with particular emphasis on what this means for trust and foundation trustees
  • Considered the attributes of a successful foundation board
  • Explored the regulatory framework for charities within which UK based foundations operate, including reference to OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator) and CCNI (Charity Commission for Northern Ireland)
  • Discussed current compliance and governance issues of relevance to foundation boards.

Feedback from participants was that the seminar was extremely useful and informative and helpful to their role as trustees.

“Your extensive experience of charity governance enabled you to offer great insight during our pilot seminar for foundation trustees, and which, along with your thorough preparation, was reflected in the very positive feedback we received. We are very pleased with this new event, which will be a valuable addition to the support available to our members.”

David Emerson, chief executive, ACF